Here are some of the questions we get asked from time to time. Of course if you don't find what you're looking for here - get in touch with us at! We're just getting started on this section, much more will be added soon so watch this space!


Can I come and see the cattery before I book?

My cat has never been in a cattery. How do I know they will be ok? What can I do?

My cat is a senior and it can't jump any more. Will it be ok at the cattery?

Can I board my kittens?

My cat is not friendly with strangers. Can I board it?

Do you have dog kennels as well?

Vaccinations, Health & Medication

What vaccinations does my cat need?

What if my cat’s vaccinations are not up to date?

Why do I need to flea and worm my cat before boarding?

My cat needs medication. Can you administer it?


I have more than one cat. Do they get to stay together?

My cats don't get along. Can they have separate accommodation?

Does my cat share accommodation with other cats?

Do you have a communal play area?

Food & Dietary requirements

Do I need to bring any food along?

My cat is on a special diet - can you stick to it while you look after it?

My cat is a fussy eater!

While boarded

Do you play with my cat?

Can I bring a scratch tree?

Can I bring my cat's favourite bed?

Can I bring toys?

What type of litter do you use?

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