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Baads Cottage Cattery is a luxury Boarding Cattery situated near West Calder only 20 minutes from Edinburgh City Bypass and within easy reach for guests from West Calder, Livingston, Bathgate and surrounding areas. The cattery enjoys a truly idyllic country location surrounded by woodland and fields and is ideally situated for both Edinburgh and Glasgow airports and the main routes North and South. The high standard of accommodation for discerning feline guests is modern, flexible, heated, double glazed and most importantly totally safe and secure.

Kat Thorburn
Before moving up to Scotland with my husband Mark at the end of 2012, I lived and worked in London as a Client Services professional in the IT industry. I am originally from Germany and was lucky enough to grow up in the countryside, surrounded by an eclectic mix of wild animals and pets. I had rabbits, two budgies, an aquarium full of fish, and my first cat, Minka to keep me company. Somewhat unbelievably, they all got along just fine!

I love all animals, but must admit that cats have always been my favourite and I cannot imagine every being without their company. So when the opportunity to take over the running of a cattery came up, I had to jump on it - it had my name written all over it!

Mark Thorburn
I originally hail from Edinburgh but moved to London in 1996 when the lure of the big smoke proved too great. During the last 17 years I have worked as a graphic designer for a variety of high profile PR companies, my final role being that of Global Design Manager for Hill & Knowlton.

I have owned cats since I was a nipper. As far as I’m concerned, no home is complete without at least a couple of our furry little friends. I absolutely adore them and their wily ways! So when the opportunity for a total lifestyle change came along, it was a no brainer for me.

Bless him. He’s twice the size of Truffle and likes to assert his authority every now and then by sitting on her head. In reality, he’s a bit of a wuss and endearingly daft. When he’s not jumping at his own shadow, he spends most of his time chasing cuddles.

Truffle tiny and perfectly camouflaged for most environments. This allows her to indulge her passion for eating spiders, with ruthless efficiency. When Whiskey is not sitting on her head, Truffle likes to invent games for us to play with her. “Fetch the bottle top” is her current favourite...but we suspect she might also be a dab hand at chess.

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